Treps Legal is unlike any other law firm – we offer a unique blend of legal and business expertise and our approach to delivering legal solutions is second to none.

Here’s a “deeper dive” on why we’re different…


As your “trusted legal advisors”, we’re committed to your long term success. As a result, we work to “assess and address” your initial and on-going legal needs. This “advisory approach” includes our proprietary on-line assessment to determine your legal needs and continuous personal contact with our attorneys to ensure your legal needs are met as your business grows. This unique approach to delivering legal solutions allows our clients to successfully build their business and maintain a competitive advantage as they move through the business life cycle.


The standard “retainer fee” approach to delivering legal services does not work well for small to mid-sized businesses. Fortunately, we’ve created a unique delivery model, the “General Counsel Platform”, to address the on-going legal needs of any business, regardless of their size, projected needs and budget. This Platform consists of a “unique blend” of customized legal solutions delivered on a monthly basis over a period of six months or one year for an affordable fixed monthly rate. The General Counsel Platform is well suited and cost effective for “growth stage” companies which are facing multiple legal issues. This delivery model allows businesses to plan, budget, and manage all of their legal issues. For more info on this model or to register for our on-line “legal assessment”, click on the following link: General Counsel Platform.

Treps also offers “start-up” and “pre-revenue” companies legal solutions on a “per job” or “flat fee” basis. This model allows new, first year entrepreneurs an opportunity to launch their business and address their immediate legal needs without the on-going support of our legal advisory network. Provided solutions are based on the client’s assessment results but are designed to be “short term” solutions until they move to the General Counsel Platform.


All of our legal solutions are customized to address the specific and changing needs of new, emerging businesses. Our customized approach includes assessing the nature of our clients business, their organizational strengths and weaknesses, all potential risks and liabilities and their personal and organizational goals to determine the specific legal solutions for their business. This process enables us to “get it right the first time” and to deliver a combination of legal solutions which address their short and long term goals.


Our attorneys are both subject matter experts in their area of the law and are seasoned entrepreneurs. We feel that knowing the law is not enough…it’s also necessary to understand the many financial, organizational and cultural challenges our clients face. This “holistic” approach to law and business enables us to provide richer recommendations and solutions which address their critical legal and business issues.


As legal advisors, our mission is to help growing businesses address their ongoing legal needs. In doing so, we realize it’s necessary that our solutions and strategies are provided in a cost-effective and timely manner. As a result, our fee arrangements are scaled and priced to accommodate the needs of each client– we don’t bill for phone calls and other miscellaneous tasks. This philosophy enables our clients to get the legal solutions they truly need and allows us to build long term strategic relationships.