All of our attorneys are experienced in their respective practice areas and have practical business experience resulting from their ownership and management of various businesses. As a result, they possess the best of both worlds: legal expertise and business know-how.

Our attorney network is based throughout the US and our attorneys work collaboratively on all matters. Our legal team will work with and consult your other trusted advisors to provide the best comprehensive legal solutions for your business.

Michael S. Melfi, JD, MBA
Michael S. Melfi, JD, MBAFounder
 Michael S. Melfi is an Intellectual Property attorney and Digital Entrepreneur. Michael has a dynamic background that allows him to provide insightful legal services, while creating business development strategies for funding and growth.

Over the last decade Michael founded and led a national multi-media company. As COO & General Counsel, Michael pioneered various experiential and digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 clients. As a thought leader and innovator, Michael began utilizing the Internet and various social media platforms to develop an online presence for his company in the top 1% of all websites globally. Since then Michael has worked with numerous national industry leading products and brands to monetize and grow their business digitally.

With the advent of mainstream crowdfunding, Michael has become an expert in the Crowdfunding Industry, helping small and medium-size companies achieve funding goals and business objectives. Through these experiences and involvement with the digital platform, Michael gained valuable insight into the legal and business ramifications of the Internet and specifically Social Media.

In addition to being a ‘Nationwide Leader’ for the National Crowdfunding Association, Michael is also a board member and only a select few of the Leaders are Board members. Michael is also the author of three books, The Simple Secrets of Social Media and The Simple Secrets of Crowdfunding and The Simple Secrets of Intellectual Property. Michael is a speaker and guest lecturer on such topics as Social Media, Crowdfunding, Early Stage Growth & Fundraising, and Intellectual Property.

John T. Carter, JD, CM&AA
John T. Carter, JD, CM&AAFounder
John T. Carter is one of the principal members of Insyght Legal, PLC. John’s practice focuses on helping entrepreneurs with business and capital formation, mergers and acquisitions, creating commercial agreements and implementing personalized succession plans. His passion is helping new entrepreneurs become leaders in their industry through asset acquisition and protection strategies, and enabling existing business owners to maximize the value of their businesses while achieving their retirement goals. As a result, a major part of his practice focuses on helping entrepreneurs prepare their businesses for transition to other family members, employees or outside third parties.

John is an active member of the Michigan Bar Association, the Detroit chapter of Association for Corporate Growth and the National Alliance of Mergers and Acquisitions. He is a speaker and guest lecturer at various business and entrepreneur organizations including the Oakland County Economic Development Center, MICPA and OU INC. He also works with various Michigan-based organizations which serve Michigan’s advanced technology, human and health services and professional services sectors.

Prior to co-founding Insyght Legal, John was a Principal Member at Witzke Berry Carter and Wander, PLLC where he led the Commercial Transactions Group and worked with closely held and family owned businesses. Prior to joining Witzke Berry, John was General Counsel and VP of Sales and Business Development at Learning Designs, Inc.

John obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Miami, FL. He also holds the professional designation of “CM&AA”, or Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor.


Victoria ReinhartAttorney
Victoria provides our clients with world class service in the areas of Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and ECommerce law.
Derrick GeorgeAttorney
Derrick provides our clients with world class service in the areas of Real Estate, Commercial litigation and Mergers & Acquisitions.
Sarah RingAttorney
Sarah provides our clients with world class service in the area of Intellectual Property, specifically Patents.
Jason ShinnAttorney
Jason provides our clients with world class service in the area of employment law.
Christopher AtallahAttorney
Christopher provides our clients with world class service in the area of Estate Law.
Travis BronikAttorney
Travis provides our clients with world class service in the area of Real Estate and Commercial Law.
Heather HoeyParalegal
Heather oversees various research and support for our clients’ legal needs.
Kelly FoxParalegal
Kelly oversees various research and support for our clients legal needs.
Janice GershamParalegal
Janice oversees various research and support for our clients legal needs.
Anne Marie FurieOffice Manager
Anne keeps everyone organized and the operations running smoothly